The Convergence of Wine and Art

It’s maddening sometimes to be an ignorant American who only speaks 1.75 languages (a reasonably amount of Spanish and a smidgen of Japanese, in case you were wondering). I can’t wait until Google figures out how to take translation to the next level so that I can browse the entire web in English, even when it’s written in Romanian. In addition to being able to surf for information on French and Italian wine in those native languages, I would really love to be able to do a search in Serbo-Croatian or Korean to find some more information about artist Anka Buric, who recently mounted an exhibition of drawings in Seoul, Korea whose main theme, or at least medium, appears to be red wine. The photo included in the news story was tantalizing — these seem to be very intimate, symbol-driven drawings into which stains, spills, droplets and rivulets of red wine are incorporated.

But of course, both because I can’t surf in the aforementioned languages, and because most artists still aren’t comfortable putting their work online, I can’t find any images to share with you beyond the one above that I’ve borrowed from the Seoul Times.

But I thought it would be worth tantalizing you a little bit, and also worth seeing if I have any Korean or Serbian/Montenegran readers that might be able to dig up more. I’d love to publish some here on Vinography.

Read the full story. Or an amusingly translated additional story that has a nice quote from the Serbian and Montenegran ambassador to Korea who said of the work, “I am glad to see red wine not go to waste.” Amen to that.