Vinography in San Francisco Magazine

San Francisco. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Or rather, let San Francisco Magazine count the ways. This month’s issue of the newly redesigned city glossypages is all about wine. More specifically it’s about how San Francisco, perhaps more than any other major urban center in the world is a fantastic place for wine lovers. From wine bars to wine events, from fantastic wine lists to myriad services for collectors and newbies alike, you just can’t get any better than San Francisco when it comes to wine.

This month’s issue also happens to feature a profile of Vinography and yours truly. I’m not sure whether I qualify as “local oddity” or “small time wine celebrity” or “find-something-to-fill-these-pages material,” but I’m happy and honored to be included in the panoply of wine personalities and the overall landscape of the San Francisco wine scene.

And in case any of you really wanted to know what wine blogging looks like, they’ve even included a snazzy photo (see below).

Isn’t it glamorous? Notice how all the other customers have gradually moved away from the geek with the laptop and glass of wine? I get wine on myself more than I’d like to admit, but honestly, in my excitement I’ve only splashed wine on one or two random strangers, ever….

In any case, thanks San Francisco. For being the best place I could possibly imagine to live as a wine lover and as a blogger. Cheers !