I Can’t Believe I Agree With Him

I really wasn’t going to comment on this. I wasn’t, I wasn’t, I wasn’t.

I gritted my teeth, bit my knuckles, and put my fingers in my ears. I was so very nearly successful at not mentioning the fact that California’s governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the state bill that would have recognized Zinfandel as the state’s “historic grape.” Why? Because I had nothing to say, and somewhat embarrassingly, I completely agreed with his decision.

I made my views on the subject known a long time ago: what a phenomenal waste of legislative time and money this was. Worth a veto if only to discourage our elected representatives from such asinine proposals in the future.

But then today I was trolling the Internet and found what might just be the best possible response to the whole thing, which forced me into creating a post to address this topic I tried so hard to avoid.

So without further editorializing by me, I’d like to present the greatest take I could imagine on this non-news item, courtesy of Mike over at the blog Shiraz.