How Would You Score That Magazine?

My recent rant about a column in the Wine Spectator drew all sorts of responses from readers. As one regular put it, “even more than when you bash Biodynamics!” My point wasn’t to sucker-punch a glossy publication, merely to correct what I saw as an egregiously hypocritical description of the wine blogging world. But as long as we’re on the topic of the glossy wine magazines, I thought I might point my readers to a fun little article by fellow wine writer W.R. Tish, who recently decided that he needed to use the 100-point rating system on the major wine magazines and see how they came out in a “comparative tasting,” so to speak.

In this article Tish provides some choice “tasting notes” on each of the publications, as well as some specifics about their reach and power in the wine world, including their advertising rates (which tend to blow my mind). It’s a fun article that’s a follow up to his previously penned exposé of the tasting methodologies and politics of the same magazines.

Check it out.