Now Where Did I Leave That Bottle?

Red wine is good for everything. But you already knew that. If you read this blog only more than once every two years you will have seen the constant breakthroughs in medical research showing just how amazingly healthy red wine is for all of us. In case you have forgotten, feel free to check out the list that I stopped compiling because it was just getting too long.

What I want to know is why are there so many scientists out there who one day just decide to study red wine? It’s not as if there is some endowment from the Wine Institute or something, is there? I suppose it’s not that farfetched for there to be some cabal of wine millionaires who keep funneling money into grants for medical research on wine if only to keep their product sales up.

But enough conspiracy theory. There’s yet another addition to the list of benefits to be derived from a glass a day. Red wine may help to prevent Alzheimer’s.

Thank heavens there’s another way for us to escape dementia besides crossword puzzles or Sudoku. Those darn things drive me nuts to begin with, and the prospect of staving off brain deterioration in later life by sitting down with the NY Times puzzle every day was making me wilt in anticipation. I will live more a more tranquil life for the next 30 years knowing that instead all I may have to do is drink wine with my dinner. That is, as long as I can remember where I left the bottle.