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Red wine is good for everything, apparently

Seems like every few months we get a new report on the health benefits of drinking red wine. I'm all for it, no matter what excuse you need. A while back I started cataloging the various benefits and for your pleasure I present some of the better ones. Before you ask, YES these are all real news stories and real scientific results.

Red wine stops herpes. Apparently a little red wine splashed on your herpes or cold sores will do wonders.

Red wine helps prevent colds. Supposedly, drinking a glass of red wine a day leads to 44% fewer colds.

Red wine stops brain deterioration and builds nueral connections. A glass a day may help prevent the spread of Parkinsons and other disorders.

Red (and white) wine may help lower your cancer risk. A compound in grapes helps prevent cancer cells from reproducing.

Red wine reduces your risk of cardiovascular (heart) disease. Apparently red wine contains helpful hormones similar to estrogen that act as anti-oxidants and protect the heart against problems.

Red wine reduces cholesterol. Red wine contains compounds which prevent the buildup of bad cholesterol in your system.

Red wine destoys lung infecting bacteria. Drinking wine daily may help prevent you from getting pneumonia.

Red wine can slow and sometimes reverse the aging process. Drinking red wine provides the body with enzymes that can help keep cells healthy longer.

Red wine prevents you from getting really bad sunburns (and then skin cancer). Apparently a good amount of red wine keeps melanoma at bay.

And finally, something that may lead to swimming pools filled with red wine...

Red wine increases the shelf life of most fruit. Grocers take note: dip your fruit in red wine, and it keeps longer on the shelf. Could the same be true for humans ?

All I can say is, "bottoms up!"

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P.Stocks wrote:
06.23.04 at 10:46 AM

Thanks for the post. I have linked from my journal.


Alder Yarrow wrote:
06.25.04 at 11:32 AM
Alder Yarrow wrote:
06.29.04 at 10:26 AM

And here's another one from a bunch of folks who have latched on to red wine as the key to immortality.

Alder Yarrow wrote:
07.01.04 at 9:05 AM
Alder wrote:
08.03.04 at 9:17 AM

You heard it here first: wine makes women brainier!

I definitely cannot vouch for the science behind this one.

Alder wrote:
08.16.04 at 9:18 AM

Well it looks like the University college of london has reproduced that study about how wine makes especially women smarter...

Alder wrote:
10.07.04 at 3:32 PM
Mike wrote:
10.29.04 at 9:13 AM

Hi Alder,

Another one to add to your list:



Terri Bullington wrote:
08.13.05 at 12:00 PM

hi, could you send me guidlines in picking a healthy red wine. I have heard that not all red wines carry the same health benefits. I have been drinking cheap red wine, but do not want to continue, if the benefits are not the same. Thank you for your reply

Alder wrote:
08.15.05 at 9:18 AM


I'm not qualified to make health related recommendations, and I don't know enough about this subject to provide any specific recommendations. I'd just say stay away from wines that come in gallon jugs and you'll be fine. The most important thing is to drink wines that taste good to you!

Anonymous wrote:
10.10.05 at 4:57 PM

why should we stay away from wines that come in gallon jugs, are they dangerous?

Alder wrote:
10.11.05 at 5:54 PM

No, they're not dangerous, they are just actually often not really wine. Instead they are wine mixed with grape juice and industrial alcohol. As a result they contain very little of the flavinoids and other compounds that are supposed to provide the health benefits.

samuel wrote:
11.14.06 at 12:16 AM

your right about red wine making you feel better. i just polished off three bottles of the stuff and i feel better already. sam

Debbie Wolf wrote:
12.06.06 at 11:06 AM

I found a press release that describes some health benefits of red wine as well as which specific wines are the healthiest. Apparently wines grown in higher altitudes have more of the healthy compounds.

Here's an excerpt;
"Top U.S. killers are heart disease and cancer, but it doesn't have to be that way. One study shows men can lower their risk of heart disease by 50% by drinking two glasses of red wine per day. And women who drink one glass per day reduce their risk by 30%.

What makes red wine so healthy? Red grape skins, seeds and stems all contain high concentrations of compounds called polyphenols - more commonly known as antioxidants. These same antioxidants also help prevent certain types of cancer such as prostate, colon, and skin cancer.

Do you think high blood pressure is at epidemic levels? Perhaps it's because not enough Americans have wine savvy. Wine lovers now realize a glass of wine also helps your body excrete excess sodium, which lowers your blood pressure."

john wrote:
03.06.07 at 6:16 AM

Didn't you mean, actually red wine is not good? just apparently?

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