New Wine Editor for The San Francisco Chronicle

Earlier in the year, the departure of Linda Murphy as editor of the Wine section was relatively big news in San Francisco. She’s now landed a gig working for Jancis Robinson, and there’s been some speculation about who might take her place. My friend Derrick over at An Obsession with Food has the scoop on her successor. It looks like it’s going to be Jon Bonné, who in addition to being the Lifestyle editor at MSNBC until recently, is also notable for being….wait for it…..a blogger! John runs the popular blog Amuse Bouche.

Does this mean that in addition to the prominent blog run by Michael Bauer that we might also see a Chronicle Wine Blog in the near future? Hmmmm? Chins are being scratched in anticipation here at Vinography, with a lot of interest in what some new blood will mean for the wine section of the Chronicle. Not that it’s been stagnant lately (a bunch of improvements have been made in the last 12 months) but part of Jon’s role will be to set the direction for the wine coverage, and he is a very different animal than Ms. Murphy, methinks.

I won’t be the first, but like Derrick, I’d like to extend a congratulations to John and a hearty welcome to the Wine Capital. We expect great things, Jon.