A Burgundy Winemaker’s Harvest Story

You know how there are some people you wish would just adopt you and drag you along on all their fantastic adventures? Well my friend Pim is one of those folks. As she globe-trots her way through all the Michelin starred restaurants of France, or the best unknown taco stands of Mexico, I’m constantly kicking myself for not offering to be her personal valet and baggage carrier for only pennies a day.

The most recent adventure I really missed out on was her trip with Claude Kolm (of The Fine Wine Review) to Burgundy where she visited…pretty much everyone. Pim has a habit of making friends wherever she goes, and one of the folks that took a liking to her on this recent trip was a young winemaker named Jeremy Seysses whose family owns Domain Dujac.

Whether through sheer force of personality, or an offer to cook Thai food for him sometime (which no one in their right mind would refuse), Pim got Jeremy to guest blog about his family’s harvest of Grand Cru and Premiere Cru Burgundies last month. The guy went to Oxford, so he knows how to write, and he does a good job providing a window into the various aspects of harvest, both psychological and physical.

In any case, I thought readers might want to check it out. In Part One, he talks about preparing for the harvest in the vineyards and in the cellar. In Part Two, he covers the bottling of last year’s whites and the waiting game for the harvest. Part Three covers the harvest itself and the crush.