Peru Bans “Bin Laden Champagne”

This is too bizarre not to mention. It’s right up there with Nazi Raccoons Wipe Out Vineyards in Germany. We don’t need wine comedy, the world gives it to us in healthy doses. This latest escapade comes at the hands of some enterprising, terrorist-sympathizing winemakers in Peru, who apparently though that the best thing they could do to make some quick cash would be to slap America’s Most Wanted Extremist onto a bottle of bubbly. Wow. The ingenuity is staggering.

I really have only two questions:

1. How many bottles did they manage to sell before the police confiscated it all and poured it down the drain?

2. What does Bin Laden Champagne taste like? And is it really sparkling wine?

I’m sure if the police hadn’t gotten to them, the EU trade board and the Champagne Growers Association would have been all over them like flies on you know what. Place names like Champagne are no longer fair game for general use. Apparently Osama’s name isn’t either.

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