Vinography Quietly Turns Three

No parties or fanfare this time around. Just too darn busy to celebrate, but today marks the beginning of my fourth year as a wine blogger. I’ve said on other occasions how astonishing it is to see what Vinography has become in the last three years, going from a small personal project to record my wine and food experiences for friends, to a publication which accords me the status of legitimate journalist.

The last three years have been busy ones. Nearly 1200 posts, over 5600 comments from readers like you, thousands of wines tasted, hundreds reviewed individually, and many more reviewed as part of articles about wineries or tasting events. I’ve gone from one or two visitors in the early weeks of this “little experiment” to well over 8000 on most days.

There’s a lot of good stuff to look back on, and a heck of a lot more good stuff to look forward to. After writing about wine nearly every day for three years I’m still really enjoying myself (which is really the only reason I’m here in the first place), so I have every expectation that as long as I can continue to carve out a little time to sit here and type away for you, that Vinography will continue to have a long and fruitful life in the years ahead.

Thank you, as always, for your readership and your companionship on this journey that I’m on. Now, let’s go pop a cork or two!