Wine Blog Pioneering: The New York Cork Club

Just to warn you in advance, this is a shameless plug. But it’s an interesting one, I promise. Every few months there’s a new development in the wine blogging world. The last major one was a rash of mainstream journalists starting wine blogs. The latest occurrence comes at the hands of a blogger who is no stranger to good ideas when it comes to wine blogging. Lenn Thompson, the founder of the popular blog event, Wine Blogging Wednesday, has recently signed on as….founder and advisor, I guess you’d call it, to a brand new commercial venture: a wine club focusing exclusively on wines from New York State.

Touting the clever name “The New York Cork Club,” it’s a pretty standard wine club, but each wine is from the state of New York and is personally selected by Lenn, who, in case you hadn’t noticed, is fast becoming one of the resident experts on Long Island and New York Wines. Certainly his blog, Lenndevours, has become an ambassador for the state’s wines around the world.

Lenn made it clear in his announcement that he will not be paid or make any money off the club, in the interest of making sure everyone knows that his choices of wine are purely based on his sense of their quality and unique character.

So (here’s the shameless plug part) if you have an interest in New York wine, or are just perhaps wanting to take advantage of new reciprocal shipping law for New York (you know, just because it’s there?) you might be interested in joining.

I can personally vouch that there are some pretty good wines being made in Long Island, and I have only tasted a few dozen wines from the region, unlike Lenn who has probably tasted multiple hundreds. So check it out.

Or don’t, and just appreciate the fact that this little virtual world of wine blogs is slowly beginning to have an impact on the world at large. A good one, too.