Red Wine and Your Health. A History of Scientists Hitting the Bottle

OK. OK. We all know that red wine is good for us. Turns us into marathon running, ageless, mentally sharp, cholesterol-free superheroes, right? There’s a new study out almost every week about how wine is good for us. When I started Vinography three years ago I thought that would be something I would keep track of, but after seeing that literally every couple of weeks there was new news of the miracle properties of our favorite beverage, I gave up. I made a pretty long list.

So how did we get on this wine for heath kick anyway? I don’t have the time nor the investigative journalism skills to find out, but Bret Stetka did. And he brings us a mostly-accurate-tongue-in-cheek survey of the history of Scientists Hitting The Bottle. I couldn’t have written it better myself..

Readers of tender heart and mind should be warned that this article contains profanity and is written with the bad attitude typical of my generation.