The Future of Wine Marketing?

I first reported on the strange phenomenon of wine related manga comics in Japan about a year ago, but it seems they’re gaining in popularity. At the time, one of my readers mentioned another, newer comic by the name of “Kami no Shizuku” (literally “god’s droplets”) which offered commentary and musing on the virtues of French wine. According to some, it’s a pretty compelling comic, with particularly thirst generating properties.

Well according to a story in today’s news, that comic has been translated to Korean and is a huge hit in South Korea.

Of course, in the extremely litigious and puritanical United States, where Joe Camel has been relegated to a stiff two dimensional silhouette with no personality, there’s no way in hell anyone could ever get away making comic books featuring or about wine. Disembowelment and torture, sure. But fine wine? Never.

Nonetheless, I think these folks (are they Japanese? Or a very savvy French wine company?) are really on to something. Every issue of this comic mentions a new wine, and if that wine is available in the country, it immediately sells out!

Despite the somewhat draconian laws about marketing alcohol in this country (at least we are not in France!!) I have to believe that there are some pretty interesting things that might be done to better market wine to a legal-but-younger generation. Not that they need special treatment, mind you, but there’s definitely an opportunity there.