Open a Bottle, Get a Date

File this under, “what won’t they think of next?” The world of wine marketing has taken some pretty strange twists and turns over the years: wine in a box (good idea!); critters on the label (who would have guessed?); wine just for women (lame!); integrated plastic cups for drinking (huh?).

Now the latest from the drunk staffers at some marketing agency somewhere in France: open a bottle, get laid get a date.

Apparently the scheme works like this. Several different types of wine are sold under the moniker of “Soif du Coeur” (Thirsty Heart). You buy a pink bottle if you’re a girl. You buy a blue bottle if you’re a boy. You open it up and drink it. Then after you’ve emptied the bottle and are feeling lonely (not a bad bet) you can see a code that you enter on a web site to be matched up with presumably some other lonely wine lover who wanted a mate bad enough to drain a bottle.

Because, you know: if you drink the same crappy wine, you MUST be compatible.

Well, I suppose the good news is that the wine only costs three Euros, so it will be a pretty cheap date.

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