WBW#35 Has Been Announced: Spanish Value Wines

wbw_icon.jpgThe 35th monthly incarnation of the blog world’s first virtual wine tasting event has been announced. This month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday will be hosted by Michelle and Kevin who run the blog My Wine Education, which is sometimes known by its more catchy URL: wine-girl.net.

Apparently Michelle and Kevin took a Spanish wine course some time ago and were smitten by the variety, quality and value of Spanish wines, and they have been panting with anticipation at being able to host Wine Blogging Wednesday, and to suggest the theme of value priced Spanish wines.

Value means different things to different people, but to Michelle and Kevin, value means “under ten bucks.” So we will all need to head out and find some decent vino for cheap, which is not so easy to do, even with Spanish wines. I challenge everyone to avoid (only for this week) Borsao, which is darn good for six bucks but which ain’t very original, if you get my drift.

So go find some Spanish wine and blog about it on Wednesday, July 11th to join us for the event.