Correction: You Know What They Say About Assumptions

One of my favorite parts of any newspaper or magazine is the corrections column, which I read for the sheer smug pleasure of laughing at the misfortune of editors, fact checkers, and wayward journalists who through their own innocence, incompetence, or pure mishap, manage to get things oh-so-wrong.

One of the nice things about a blog is that nothing is ever set in stone, or paper, as it were, and so corrections are pretty easy to make. When my spell checker fails to catch something, I even have kind readers who will take the time to point out my errors to me.

Sometimes I even make pretty glaring factual errors. Yes I do.

Hey, you want a REAL journalist? Go read the New York Times.

Usually, a quick delete takes care of them, and that is that. But I made one the day before yesterday that requires more than just a little HTML nip and tuck. An incorrectly authored assumption spawned more than a number of worried phone calls to a winemaker and he deserves to have the record set straight.

In short: The majority of Tandem Winery has not been sold.

The details: In trying to learn a bit more about John Tracy for my review of Owl Ridge wines, which he owns, I came across a piece of news that he had purchased the majority of Greg and Greg Inc. which I thought was the corporate name of Tandem Winery. Turns out that Greg and Greg, Inc. is just the custom crush facility where former owners Greg LaFollette and Greg Bjornstad make their Tandem wines. Tandem is, in fact, a separate company, and was not involved in the transaction.

So there you go. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming….