Don’t Throw Out All That St. Emilion!

I know it’s too late for some of you. You’ve already thrown out all that St. Emilion wine that used to be Grand Cru at one point, but which was turned into worthless, unclassified Bordeaux eight months ago. But for those of you who haven’t divested yourself of all that pedestrian plonk, I have some good news. It’s now back to being great wine again. It’s certainly incredible, isn’t it, how quickly our wine can go from great to lousy and back again? It’s almost like the Wine Spectator rated it an 88 one day and then a few months later Robert Parker rated it a 96.

Life is crazy here in the world of wine, and sometimes you never know which way the wind is blowing. First there is a new classification for all the wineries in St. Emilion in Bordeaux. Then, all of a sudden there is not. And then now, as of the day before yesterday, there is again.

Much to the relief of winemakers and estate owners in St. Emilion, a French court has struck down the earlier decision that annulled the 2006 classification that established the (current) Who’s Who list of producers.

Can you hear the collective sighs of relief from status conscious winegrowers and collectors around the world? I know I am going to sleep easier tonight.

And I guess I better go get those three cases of Cheval Blanc I put out on the curb for the homeless guys. They might be worth something after all.

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