Cornas Is Saved For Wine Lovers Everywhere

I can’t think of a better Christmas gift. OK, maybe world peace would be a better one, but I’m thrilled to report that the vineyards of Cornas have been saved from the evil forces of real estate development.

Regular readers will remember earlier in the year when I related the horrific news that despite protests from everyone involved, the mayor of Cornas was going to approve a commercial development that would have obliterated some of the best vineyard land in the village of Cornas in the Northern Rhone valley.

Together with some of you readers, and wine lovers from around the world, I wrote to protest this action being perpetrated against the will of the village residents and working vignerons in the area.

Last week, I received an e-mail from wine journalist Remy Charest that the project has been abandoned after an investigation by a government commissioner was made, partially prompted by the thousands of petition signatures and letters received about the issue, and a recommendation was made to the mayor not to move forward. The mayor has agreed to abandon the plan.

While I can’t quite proclaim “Wine Bloggers Save Cornas!” the letter sent by the organization who spearheaded the protest (8k PDF) makes it clear that the outcry from wine lovers everywhere was factored into the commissioner’s recommendation.

Great job!! In celebration, I’m going to go buy a bottle of Cornas. And you should too. Or at least just drink some French Syrah.