The American Wine Blog Awards Have Begun

You, dear reader, are here because you “get it.” You understand (or if not you still hope to understand) what is the point of a wine blog in the first place. You’re out there (here?) enjoying finding out about wine and exploring your passion in a new medium. Chances are, if you’re like many readers, this is only one of several wine blogs that you read, or at least check in with from time to time.

We wine bloggers thank you for your continued support, and in that spirit of support I would like to urge you to participate in the second annual American Wine Blog Awards that are going on right now over at Tom Wark’s blog, Fermentation. This set of awards aims to recognize the best of what the English-language wine blogging world has to offer, but it needs input from the most important people in the process: the people who actually read them.

The awards are currently taking nominations in various award categories (8 in all). Vinography has graciously been nominated in a few already, so I don’t need you to stuff the ballot boxes with my name (I will be groveling for your votes later, not to worry). What I need you to do is go over there and nominate any of the other wine blogs out there in the world that you think are worth paying attention to. From the big names to the undiscovered gems, these awards can only be as good as the pool of nominees.

Nominations will be taken until February 27th. Thank you again for your support, not just of Vinography, but of all the folks who sit in front of their keyboards blogging about wine for the world.