WBW#42 Roundup Has Been Posted: 7 Word Wine Reviews

wbw_icon.jpgI seem to recall from back in college that a wacky English professor once held a class called “Generative Devices,” which was all about imposing strange constraints on the creative process in order to generate more interesting results. What sort of strange constraints? How about writing a whole novel without using the letter “e”?

Writing wine reviews without the letter “e” would be tough, as there’s a lot of cherry, berry, and other such aromas that would be sorely missed. However, there are other ways to creatively constrain the process of writing wine reviews. One such constraint was the theme for this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday, the blogosphere’s virtual wine tasting. This 42nd incarnation of the event, conceived of and hosted by Andy Barrow, who runs the blog Spittoon.Biz across the pond, asked wine bloggers to review an Italian red wine in exactly seven words.

The results, which Andy just posted on his blog, are certainly entertaining, if nothing else. Some of my favorites include:

“Leather clad cowboy embraces innocent luscious berries”


“Never thought to put raspberries in coffee!”


“Not quite Monica Belluci but very tasty”

Head on over to Spittoon.Biz for the full roundup.