Wine Twitters by Vinography

I’m an odd combination of early adopter and time starved executive. This means that I tend to know about and explore most Internet technologies as they hit the streets (and sometimes before) but I can’t be bothered to really dive into them until I see a compelling reason to justify the time and effort of doing so, and more importantly until I know I have the bandwidth to use them effectively. Add to that the healthy skepticism gained from twitter_logo_s.pngusing the Internet since 1988 and living and working through the epicenter of the bust of 2000 and I’m quite cautious about where I invest my time online.

All of which explains why I’m not a member of any one of the various wine social networks, why my posts on various wine bulletin boards are still in the single digits, and why I’m only just now starting to use Twitter.

But after watching from the sidelines for a while, I have decided that Twitter is interesting enough, has critical mass, and offers me an opportunity that complements what I’m doing here on Vinography.

I’ll be using it a little bit like most people use it, to post notes about what I’m up to, but they will be confined to the wine and food aspects of my life (no updates about changing the 11th diaper of the day — you can see that on Facebook if you want). But more importantly, I’m going to use it to both broadcast my posts here on Vinography and write small snippets of stuff that wouldn’t merit an individual post, but might be of interest to wired wine lovers like yourselves.

So believe me, I completely understand if the last thing you want to do is start consuming tweets, but if you’re already doing so, here’s one more for you to try.

Check out Vinography on Twitter.