There Will Be Blood

True grievance or flagrant publicity stunt? Lawyers are revving their engines as domestic diva Martha Stewart is rumored to be sued by Vampire Vineyards for what the gossip rags quote “to disparage and tarnish [Vampire’s] wine brands by portraying a mock label of Vampire Vineyards affixed to cheap, non-descript wine and spirits products.”

Furthermore, and not necessarily quoted from a reliable source, the rumors suggest that the lawsuit also alleges that Stewart is engaging in this “smear campaign” to further sales of her own branded wine that the Gallo company produces for her.

After a little digging online, it looks to me like this incident may have been triggered by Martha’s latest craft offering, showcased, among other places, in the October issue of Country Living Magazine.

Which would mean she’s being sued over this:

what she would no doubt describe as festive, crafty labels that you can buy and apply to your own bottles of wine to liven up your Halloween.

And if that’s the case, then the whole issue smells like a cooked up fish stew to me. Or should that be a nice juicy pot of pig’s blood porridge? Your honor, I move to dismiss.

Straight from the horse’s mouth.