Don’t Steal Mommy’s Wine

My daughter gets a kick out of smelling what’s in our glasses when we’re drinking with dinner, but she knows better than to steal mommy’s wine.

Apparently, though, not everyone else is as careful. A number of people just landed in court over Mommy’s wine.

The wine world is notorious for its highly aggressive, even draconian, protection of brand names. Who knew that one of those brand names was “Mommy?”

“MommyJuice” and “Mommy’s Time Out” are apparently in a death match to determine which has the right to Mommy’s name.

Careful kids, don’t make me separate you! Don’t you know I love you equally?

If I made any of the wines named: Mama’s, Big Mama, Mama Mia, Mountain Mama Madness, Sugar Mama, Sweet Mama Rosa, Mama Cina, Red Hot Mama, Mama’s Vineyard, or the lovable Mama’s Bear Hug White, I guess I’d be a little nervous (yes, those are all real wines). Perhaps there was some prescience in the folks that named their wine Don’t Tell Mama.

Don’t you know Mommy doesn’t like being sued? That calls for a glass of Mama’s Boy, for sure.

Can’t we all just get along?

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