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Channeling Bob Ross

Channeling Bob Ross to Bring You “The Joy of Wine Tasting”

It’s been months since I’ve had a haircut, and not one to miss an opportunity, I thought I might as

Desperate Times, Desperate Wine Measures?

We’re all going a little stir crazy here locked in our homes with just our wine collections and irritating loved

Wine Can Save You From Serial Killers, Divorce, and Bad Roommates

We all knew wine was good for you, but now it turns out to be a complete lifesaver. Here’s how

French To Destroy the California Wine Industry Over Foie Gras

OK people, now is the time for outrage. If you value the California wine industry, then you can’t ignore the

When Wine Tastes Best

Book Review: When Wine Tastes Best

Review by Tim Patterson I am here to tell you about the only wine book you or I will ever

Hitler as California Cult Winery Owner

What if Hitler was a California Cult Winery Owner? The use of a particular sequence from the 2004 movie Der

The Funniest Wine Speech Ever?: Joshua Wesson Addresses the 2011 Graduating Class at IPNC

The International Pinot Noir Celebration in Oregon’s Willamette Valley that I attended last weekend was, true to form, delightful. This

Compound in Red Wine Shown to Simulate Concussions

Researchers are studying whether a compound found in red wine can produce short-term or the long- term effects similar to

Don’t Steal Mommy’s Wine

My daughter gets a kick out of smelling what’s in our glasses when we’re drinking with dinner, but she knows

Fight For Your Right to Write….About Wine

Much to-do has been made over the past week or two of Robert Parker’s handing over his responsibilities for reviewing

Wine Provides Superpowers

I knew it. I just knew it. It was only a matter of time before science finally caught on to

Book Review: Continued Surveillance by Jake Lorenzo

Review by Tim Patterson. Wine writers love Jake Lorenzo’s stuff; many wish they could write like him, or more precisely,

Introducing the Vinography Wine Club

This blogging business stinks. You can’t make any money at it. Advertising revenues are plummeting, readership is down, and those

Another Reason to Live in Italy

We all have our fantasies. These days mine lean a bit more towards getting more sleep than chance encounters with