Vote for Vinography in the 2012 Saveur Blog Awards


The folks at Saveur do a very good job of putting these awards together. This year there were a jaw dropping 40,000 nominations across their various categories. The finalists they narrowed their choices down to are truly excellent. Every year I discover some new blogger from their list of finalists.That’s reason enough to head on over to the awards web site and check out who is nominated. My fellow nominees in the Wine, Beer, and Spirits category (familiar names to many of you) are quality reads, themselves. If you’re not following them, you should be.

If you’re planning on voting, please make note of a couple of pesky details:

1. You must register for a (free) account at in order to vote. This helps them ensure no one accidentally (or intentionally) votes twice.

2. Unfortunately the registration process seems to dump you off somewhere other than where you wanted to go (to the awards) so once you’ve registered, you have to navigate your way back to the award voting pages. Easiest way might be to come back to this page and click through.

3. Most importantly, voting is a two step process. You click on the nominee you want to vote for AND you also have to push the big red “VOTE” button at the bottom of the screen in EACH category you are voting for. Even though clicking on the nominee gives you a big red check mark that makes it look like you’ve voted, your choices are not registered until you click that vote button.

Thanks very much for your support, and for supporting bloggers in general. These awards, silly as they are, represent one of the few sources of “official” recognition that we can get in the world, other than the pleasure of your continued readership. It means a lot to get your vote.

Check them out.