Social Media Answers the Question: Where Did Australian Wine Go Wrong

The other day I found myself contemplating the question of how Australian wine lost its footing after being so popular for so long, and what it could do to recover. I’m not close enough to the wine trade to have my finger on the pulse of what people say when they’re perusing the aisles of wine stores and are pointed in the direction of Barossa Shiraz by a clerk. Clearly they’re not as amenable to that suggestion as they have been in the past.

Australian wine sales have fallen significantly in the US (and in the UK) over the past five years. Depending on whose statistics you believe, the numbers may be as high as an average of 16 to 20% drop in sales across all price points.

But why, exactly, have Americans so quickly fallen out of love with Australian wine, and what can be done? While I have some opinions about the matter, I thought to ask the many thousands of wine lovers I’m connected to on Facebook, and wouldn’t you know, they had some very interesting opinions.

So here, for your reading pleasure, is what the social media universe things of Australian wine.

Now there’s an answer for you. Care to add your own opinion?