I’ll Drink to That: Kareem Massoud of Paumanok Vineyards

Episode 281 of I’ll Drink to That has been released, and features Kareem Massoud of Paumanok Vineyards, a family-run estate on the North Fork of Long Island, New York.

The truth about America is that most of its citizens are prohibited from having wine for a quarter of their lives, and then beginning at their 21st birthday, they are expected to develop a normal relationship with the practice of drinking. As if drinking hasn’t been denied to them for a couple of decades, and been fetishized as a result. A lot of people who have experienced this particular head fake might wish for Kareem Massoud’s childhood instead, and the opportunity to have planted a vineyard with their father. Wine is often a multigenerational endeavor, and within the Massoud family you have sons who fell in love with their parent’s dream, the dream of a winery. Kareem decided to stay and work at the winery in his own adult years, and he has a perspective on the place that includes both a child’s eye view from his younger days, and the understanding of the whole that comes with the experience of management. Combined, these amount to a significant knowledge base, and there is indeed a treasure trove of information about Long Island in this interview. The climate, the soil, the nuances of geography, the grape varieties, the growing season of the North Fork – these are just the start of what this interview covers. If you are curious about the wheres and whys of the region, or just curious about what the dream of leaving the “normal world” and starting a winery actually entails, this is an interview to check out.

This episode also includes a Warm Up from Erin on the history of The North Fork.

Listen to the stream above, or check it out in iTunes.

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