Listen Up!! I’ll Drink to That on Vinography

We live in a golden age of wine content. There have never been more ways to read about wine, learn about wine, and otherwise simmer in thoughts and ideas about wine at any time in history. Whereas wine commentary used to be dominated by several prominent voices, now there are thousands.

Perhaps more importantly, there are more people to directly engage with about wine than ever before as well. The sommelier scene is exploding. After a period of much consolidation, it seems like distributors and importers are now popping up like mushrooms after an autumn rain, and we see more Master Sommeliers and Masters of Wine minted every quarter it seems.

But there’s only so much time you can sit and read wine magazines, or surf the web for blog articles from yours truly and sundries. There are only so many wine tasting events you can go to, and we all have our limit for glad-handing.

And that is, in part, why listening to Levi Dalton’s I’ll Drink to That podcast is so pleasurable. While you’re commuting to work, getting in a workout, opening boxes of wine in the cellar, or trying to ignore the massive mess your kid is making in her bedroom, spending an hour or two listening to Levi engage someone from the world of wine in thought provoking conversation is a real pleasure.

Hearing people talk about wine can sometimes be more compelling than much of what we wine writers produce. There’s nothing for communicating the passion behind wine like hearing a winemaker speak emphatically from the heart, and Levi always does a great job at getting to the heart of things.

Levi’s partner in crime Erin Scala also brings both a tremendous energy and very insightful commentary to the podcast in her “Warm Up” pieces that she puts together once per week.

Together, twice a week, they bring winemakers, sommeliers, wine directors, importers, writers, commentators, critics, and personalities of the wine world into Levi’s apartment for an intimate conversation, and we, the lucky public, get to eavesdrop.

I’ll Drink To That has simply become one of my favorite sources of wine education, entertainment, and inspiration over the past year or two, and so I’ve decided to help promote what Levi and Erin are doing by featuring their content here on Vinography moving forward.

They’ve graciously given me permission to let you stream the show from right here if you care to (though I personally always find it easier to listen via the podcast app on my iPhone).

As an extra special bonus, I also be publishing, for the first time, Erin Scala’s Warm Up pieces, which up until now have not been available in print.

I hope you’ll take the time to check out the podcast, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading (or listening to) Erin’s warm ups.