Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 8/9

People frequently ask me which blogs I read, where I get my wine news, and more. The answer is, all sorts of things from all over the place. For some time now, I’ve been curating what I think the best of what the web has to offer every week on Flipboard, and while there are about 25,000 people who read my selections there every week, far more come here to Vinography, so I’ve decided to post a round-up here of what’s caught my eye over the past week.

Are You Risk Averse?
Matt Kramer writes in the Wine Spectator about wine drinkers that are afraid to branch out.

Australia is Regaining its Mojo
David White, writing for Grape Collective, suggests Australia may be emerging from its nadir.

Expert Eye: Eye Openers
A good friend, Master Sommelier Shayne Bjornholm is profiled by Michalene Busico in Robb Report magazine.

Quants and quaffs
The economist reports on the use of AI to predict fine wine prices.

California wildfires threaten to make local wine ‘unpalatable’
Joseph Mayton writes a somewhat fear mongering article about smoke taint in California vineyards.

Forest Fires Could Make California Wines Taste Like Salami and Wet Ashtrays
Oh and another one! This time with Munchies!

Georgia-Russian Wine Relations Again at Risk
Russia just can’t make up its mind about Georgian wine according to EurasiaNet.

The Russians Aren’t Coming for Georgian Wine
Another point of view on the subject from Wine-Searcher.

Why Do So Many Sommeliers Love Crappy Beer?
The question so many want to know the answer to. Jennifer Fiedler explores it in Punch.

The Best Wine Region You’ve Never Heard Of: The Lavaux And The Swiss Riviera
There’s something alluring about the idea of the Swiss Riviera. Ann Abel tells us why in Forbes Life Magazine.

Pairing Indian food with wine
Jeannie Cho Lee, MW of Le Pan tackles dangerous territory of Indian food and wine.

Wine: why low-alcohol wine is here to stay
Fiona Beckett suggests that us acid freaks don’t have to worry about the pendulum swinging back the other way.

How licking a match helped me become a Master of Wine
If it were really that easy, there’d be a match licking society, right, Jean Reilly?

What’s the score, Mister Parker?
Elin McCoy tackles her perennial subject, Mr. Robert M. Parker, Jr., for Le Pan.

Cristal to be 100 percent biodynamic by 2020
Erica Landin, writing for Le Pan, reports on the worthy efforts of Louis Roederer.

Possibly the world’s most beautiful wine cellar
Cool idea, if only there were better photos. Le Pan shows off a new cellar project in Saint-Marcel d’Ardeche.

Riedel Legal Threat to Hosemaster No Laughing Matter
W. Blake Gray offers some perspective in Wine-Searcher on the legal threats against a satirical web site, just in time for…

Riedel vs. Hosemaster: Resolved
The Drinks Business describes how everyone is getting along better now.

Reality TV Meets Wine
Because you knew it would happen eventually. Neil Zawicki describes “Best Bottle” for the Oregon Wine Press.

Red Wine Could Slow Brain Ageing by 7.5 Years
Yet another miracle to justify all that wine we’re drinking, offers Lauren Eads.

Chenin Blanc Makes an Audacious U.S. Return
Eric Asimov of the New York Times heralds the return of Chenin Blanc to its rightful place among American wine grapes.

Jacques Capsouto: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Wine
Dorothy Gaiter of Grape Collective profiles restaurateur Jacques Capsouto who has turned to winemaking.

Chilean Wine Pioneer Aurelia Montes
Christopher Barnes profiles this Chilean Pioneer at Grape Collective.

Are some wines actually gender-specific? No way, brosé.
Dave McIntyre of the Washington Post embraces his pink side.

Skip the rosé: These refreshing summer wines are ancient, complex, and “orange”
But if you’re not into pink, then you should be into orange, says Jenni Avins in Quartz.

Historically early wine grape harvest begins in Washington
Bring your buckets! We’re off to the races, says the Wine Press, NW.

Vino and the Violin
Harvey Steiman of the Wine Spectator muses on the similarities between wine and violins, with some music thrown in for good measure.

Oz Clarke takes the reader on a personal romp in The History of Wine in 100 Bottles
A review of the inimitable Oz Clarke’s new book by the Independent.

World’s priciest wine from unexpected corner of Burgundy
This story was written about 90 times in the last 7 days, so I just chose one at random, from the Bangkok Post!

China uncorked: Label envy
Why does China obsess over Lafite? Or, should we say, why DID they. Le Pan’s Chen Yaoming attempts to answer.

The joy of aging
Charles Curtis, MW is getting older and wants you to, too.

Looking at Wine as Art
Don’t look at it, drink it! The Manila Standard gets philosophical.

Best for BYOB in New York
Something we all need to know: where to bring a bottle in NY and not get charged a fortune.

The Rise of Female Sommeliers
Lady somms in the Wall Street Journal, by Zachary Sussmann.

Wine and Cancer: An update
The good news, and the bad news, and the good news all over again from Palate Press.