Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 8/16

I read a lot of stuff about wine on the Internet. People frequently ask me for recommendations. But there’s just so much out there and only so much room in my head. In part that’s why I’ve been curating a wine magazine on on Flipboard for the last year or so. But for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, I’ve decided to post a round-up here of what’s caught my eye over the past week.


What’s the Cheapest Wine Worth Faking?
Leslie Gevirtz, writing for Le Pan, tells you which empty bottles to buy on eBay.

How to be a great winemaker? Sweat equity is key
Jon Bonné does what he does best. Finding nascent wine stars.

A brief history of wine libel cases
W. Blake Gray recaps the drama.

Neither Chinese Nor Americans Are Taking Over French Vineyards
The Wine Spectator crunches the numbers.

Winemakers Unplug Napa’s Anti-Growth Matrix
W. Blake Gray explains the latest kerfuffle in Napa permitting.

Wine: Cabernet of curiosities
Christine Austin of the Yorkshire Post explores Saumur-Champigny

Wildfires threaten B.C.’s wine country
Canada’s Globe and Mail on British Colombia’s fire season.

The Real Life of a Sommelier
Toby Rowland-Jones does a great job of busting the myth.

A Simple Summer Red Wine Right Under Your Nose
Lettie Teague finds Valpolicella… variable.

Defining Variables
Francis Percival on the objectivity of numbers.

Chianti, More than the Silence of the Lambs
Nickolaus Hines urges us to look beyond the fiasco.

Typicity, originality, electricity
Hugh Johnson on what quality means in wine.

Denis Jamain of Domaine de Reuilly
Christopher Barnes interviews the Loire winemaker.

On Champagne bubbles
Jamie Goode reveals mysteries of Champagne bubbles.

Pouilly-Fuissés With an Identity Crisis
Eric Asimov tastes Pouilly-Fuissé, but not a great vintage.

The Aperitif for Every Season
Will Lyons sings the praises of one of the wine world’s most undervalued categories: Sherry.

Chasselas Switzerland’s declaration of neutrality
The World of Fine Wine offers some history of the famous Swiss grape.

12 Top Tips to Visiting Madeira
They may be promoting their trip planning, but Gabriella and Ryan of Catavino know a thing or two about this excellent wine destination.

Why Sushi Restaurants Are Paying More Attention to Wine
Eater NY Wine Editor Levi Dalton discusses the trend.

When Did Rosé, Like, Become a Thing?
Writing in Vanity Fair, Alex Beggs explores the explosion.

Sommeliers Are Finally Working Together to Bring More Varied Wines to Diners
Richard Vines reports in Bloomberg about how a group of London sommeliers are encouraging diversity.

UC Davis seeks to turn little water into wine
Students are learning to use less water in their winemaking process.

Wine Investment Boss Banned for 12 Years
The Drinks Business reminds us why investing in wine is not a good idea.

Our new wine columnist: How to take wine just seriously enough
The Chicago Tribune has a new wine columnist, Michael Austin.

The rise and fall and rise of Coravin
Jamie Goode charts the impact and history of the game changing “wine access device.”

Return of the Green Fairy: Absinthe in the 21st century
An excellent article by Johnalene Baylon in Le Pan about the resurgence of Absinthe.

Sommelier conference: Where the elite of the restaurant trade come together
Dave McIntyre of the Washington Post visits TexSomm.

5 things you may not know about Lebanese wine
Andrew Dembina, writing for Le Pan highlights Diana Salame Khalil of Domaine Wardy.

Heatwave and drought affecting German wine regions
Maininger’s brings us news of some ill effects of the drought on Germany.

Driest July in Burgundy since 1949
Speaking of dry…, says Le Pan.

Wine conditions in France this year “near perfect, even idyllic” say many growers
But dry doesn’t mean bad, suggests The Telegraph.

Forget Napa and Sonoma — here’s why Malibu is the next hot destination for wine lovers
Kristine Hansen makes the case in Business Insider.

Barcelona – Catalonian city of change
The dish on where to eat and drink in Barcelona from the folks at Le Pan.

8 Secrets of a Sommelier
Beth Anne Macaluso gives you some mental floss that tastes like wine.

If you’re a college graduate, you’re more likely to be a wine drinker
W. Blake Gray, writing for Le Pan, discusses the statistics about wine drinking in America.