I’ll Drink to That: David Keck of Houston’s Camerata at Paulie’s

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Episode 293 of I’ll Drink to That has been posted, and it features David Keck, of Camerata at Paulie’s a well-known Houston wine bar.

I’ll Drink to That’s sweep through Texas continues with a trip to Houston, where David Keck is watching a sommelier culture emerge in the heart of Texas’ wine market. David is the buyer for Camerata at Paulie’s, the Houston wine bar. One of the amazing aspects of this interview is that you can actually sense just how much social media has changed the wine world when a buyer in Houston is actively able to compare what he is up to in Houston with the pictures posted on Instagram by New York sommeliers. Not that long ago the differences between markets might have been hard to discern without active travel. Now a buyer in one part of the country can readily get a sense of what is being opened in another part, and that is changing how lists are being written all over. David is one of the people in Texas who is actively campaigning for more wines to be brought into the Texas market, and the level of effort and coordination that he has employed to get previously unavailable wines onto his list may surprise you because it is pretty in-depth. The conversation also touches on sales. David is actively doing promotions and starting programs at his restaurant to move the focus away from “Cab and a slab” Texas habits to other areas of the wine world and different pairings. Some of those promotions are notably based on things that have already happened in New York. Again, the social media world has made an impact deep into the wine culture of diverse areas, and changes are being felt all over as a result. Houston is an active participant in that change, and David Keck can knowledgeably speak about it.

This episode also includes a Warm Up from Erin about the long standing relationship between Opera and wine

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