I’ll Drink to That: Philippe Guigal of E. Guigal Wines

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Episode 291 of I’ll Drink to That has been posted, and it features Philippe Guigal, of E. Guigal Wines in France’s Northern Rhône Valley.

This was a surprising interview because Guigal is so familiar a name. We figure that we know what is going on with Guigal. We assume that we have heard these stories before. But that is where the surprise came in: all kinds of information came out in this interview that seemed fresh. Particularly, if you have an interest in the wines of the Northern Rhone, you must listen to this interview. You may not think about Hermitage or Condrieu in the same way after you have heard what Philippe Guigal has to say about them. The differences in vinification for Viognier versus Marsanne, the specifics of Condrieu terroir, the challenges that Roussanne presents, the contrasting approaches that one can take to Hermitage, and even the divergent handling of Viognier between Cote-Rotie and elsewhere, were all discussed in-depth and well. Plus the connection of the winery timeline to the family’s historical timeline was made explicit. And Philippe opened up about the future for Guigal. This episode is particularly filled with pieces of information that are well presented, relevant, and helpful to understanding the context of the Guigal wines. There is a lot there to learn from, and I suggest giving a listen.

This episode also includes a Warm Up from Erin about the Côte Rôtie.

Listen to the stream above, or check it out in iTunes.

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