I’ll Drink to That: Tara Q. Thomas of Wine & Spirits Magazine

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Episode 304 of I’ll Drink to That! has been released and it features Tara Q. Thomas, the Executive Editor of Wine & Spirits Magazine.

Tara Q. Thomas is drawn to the most historical wine regions that are seeing the most change. That combination might seem paradoxical at first, but then when you think about it, it provides a setting for good wine stories: ancient landscapes, historical complexities, steadfast old timers, striking newcomers, visionary leaders, new technology, and a changing market. And those are the story ingredients that Tara has been chasing, through Greece in the late 1990s, into Hungary after the breakup of the Soviet Union, venturing into forgotten areas of Styria, and more recently into Armenia. Yes, Armenia. Perhaps you didn’t know about the changes going on there. If you didn’t, Tara is an excellent guide. She looks for nuance past the simple pleasure of wine, she has a keen eye for detail, and she likes to ask questions. To talk with her about these regions is to ride into them with a good guide. Which is part of the appeal of this episode. Another is that it charts in a way Tara’s own development as a writer and a person, and when she talks about returning to the wine region near her childhood home, you sense that some of the rapid change that has occurred has been her own.

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