I’ll Drink to That: Paul Grieco of Terroir

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Episode 332 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently. It features Paul Grieco, Riesling impresario and proprietor of Terroir Wine Bar in Manhattan.

Paul Grieco is often known for outlandish behavior, whether it be suggesting Lord Voldemort and other extreme baddies would be more chill if they drank a glass of Riesling, or championing the obscurest of obscure grape names, or for a personal wardrobe on the floor that ranges from camo shorts to zoot suits. But what this interview gets at is the personal Paul, underneath the layers of salesmanship. In this interview, which is a kind of audio diary, we find out about the relationships that have been key in forming Paul as he is. Reacting against his father, meeting farmers in Barolo, being impacted by key restaurateurs, breaking with a partner: there is a lot there. But not only about Paul, also about New York City during one of the key change periods for restaurants and wine in the city. The anecdotes contained in the interview paint a picture of the NYC restaurant scene that was, and the challenges that have emerged as it has changed. Along the way, enthusiastic narration by Paul serves as exciting company. But beyond the gusto, there is a frankness and an honesty in this episode that make for a compelling listening.

Listen to the stream above, or check it out in iTunes.

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