I’ll Drink to That: Luca Currado Vietti of Vietti

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Episode 342 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently. It features Luca Currado Vietti of Vietti, the winery in Castiglione Falletto in the Piemonte of Italy.

Below his home, Luca Currado Vietti has a cellar that extends back in time past 1873, which is the date on the oldest label he owns. Down there in the dark of the cellar are all sorts of markers of an earlier time, including architecture, bottle shapes, and machinery. This interview likewise contains markers from the past, as Luca discusses the evolution of the winery, which follows the ups and downs of his family. There are certainly some surprises to be found in the discussion, such as the family tie with Massachusetts (Luca’s grandfather was known in Castiglione as “the Crazy American”), and some hard times, such as when Luca’s grandfather was forced by the fascists to sell every piece of his vineyards. In the more recent past there has been a lot of evolution as well, both from Luca’s father Alfredo — a famous figure in the Piemonte — and from Luca since the late 1980s, as he relates in this interview. There is a rebellious streak throughout that is apparent in Luca, and it is always gratifying to hear about someone who went his own way against the rules and who succeeded anyway. And there are plenty of humorous moments in this interview as Luca recounts his adventures in surreptitious planting and sometimes wild experimentation. But beyond just the story of one winery, this episode provides many important details for better understanding Barolo and Barbera, and if you count yourself a fan of the Piemonte you may want to delve into this episode multiple times.

This episode also features a very cool Warm Up from Erin on Barolo and Barolo winemaking history.

Listen to the stream above, or check it out in iTunes.

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