I’ll Drink to That: Sam Ehrlich of the Blue Ribbon Restaurant Group

Episode 360 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently. It features Sam Ehrlich, who is the Wine Director of the Blue Ribbon Restaurant Group. Blue Ribbon is based in New York, though they recently opened a restaurant in L.A. as well.

Sam Ehrlich has an amazing recall for meals eaten and wines sipped many years previous, and he displays this repeatedly within the interview. Whereas most people might remember that they had a glorious time in their childhood when their parents took them to celebrate at a neighborhood restaurant, Sam remembers how the spinach was prepared. Really it is astounding to listen to him, and if you are into wine, even more so. Sam clearly gets excited about the details of the subject. And he has worked at some very famous wineries indeed, which, lucky for us, he is happy to talk about at length. What is the difference between pruning in Clos Saint Jacques versus in the top portion of Chambertin? Sam has an answer to that question. What is important when topping up barrels of Clos de Beze in the cellar of Armand Rousseau? He can share some insight into that, as well. Personal interactions with the likes of Eric Rousseau are also included. This is an interview with a key buyer in the New York market – and Sam divulges exactly what he is trying to achieve on his wine lists – but it is also an incredibly detailed insider’s tour of key properties and people in the Cote d’Or. If you follow Burgundy closely, or you just want to know more, you should not miss this interview.

Listen to this episode:

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