Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/15/16

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


The truth about rosé wine
Because the masses need to be educated.

Hitting Top Notes
Will Lyons on Olivier Bernstein

How to Match Wines with Chinese Food
An article light on advice, actually. But they got the “sweeter” part right.

Synthetic wine made without grapes claims to mimic fine vintages
Mmmm. Sounds tasty. (Not).

A Dutch Plastic Wine Container Made In The U.S. Rust Belt
Thomas Pellechia on a new kind of wine container.

Wine prices rocket on back of hot summer
Bordeaux are off their rocker

Jackson Family Wines purchases boutique winery Copain
Kendall Jackson adds to its bouquet of boutiques.

Why the ‘Wine of the Pope’ Is Worth Rediscovering
Talk about pulling for the underdog, Lettie Teague goes out on a limb for Frascati

How to Get In On the Georgian Wine Revival
You know Georgian Wine is hot when Food & Wine is writing about it.

Languedoc Loses a Champion with Winemaker’s Death
Aime Guibert joins a lengthening list of winemakers we’ve lost recently

Do you need wine-lister, a new 1000-point wine rating system?
Purely rhetorical question, right?

Renaissance of Armenian wine: unique varietals, 6000-year-old history
I love me some Areni Noir.

Lake County wine industry is ready for takeoff
Bill Swindle provides an overview in the Press Democrat.

The woman behind the Judgment of Paris
ONE of the women, it should be said.

The 1 Surprising Way Wine Drinkers Could Be Damaging Their Teeth
Don’t brush after drinking!!

Make Your Own Wine Aboard Holland America
They mean BLEND your own wine.

Sicilian Wine No One-Trick Pony
Liza Zimmerman talks about everything besides Etna Wines

Entrepreneurs are trying to tap into a new generation of wine-loving millennials
Never heard of GrapePip…

Burgundy wine ambassador Charles Rousseau dies
Decenter offers an obituary.

A Look Back at the Santa Lucia Highland’s Humble Pioneer
Matt Kettman profiles Rich Smith

A trip into Tennessee wine country
A quick overview of the state’s ambitions

The Magic of Wine Country is Popping Up in Wealthy Hamlets Across the Bay Area
Interesting article about a serious trend in the Bay Area

Why the Japanese Love Chilean Wine
And other unexpected wine trends from Bloomberg

My wine love: Syrah / Shiraz, by John Stimpfig
Ode to a grape by Decanter Content Director.

Ethiopia: Wine-Making in Ethiopia – Cultural, Historical and Economic Significance
Interesting historical background.

Sicily Wine Innovator Giacomo Rallo Dies at 79
Obit for the founder of Donnafugata.

America Without Tiers – Changing Wine Distribution
I completely disagree with the author, but worth a read.

What was the best wine in the Middle Ages?
Misleading title but interesting…

Georgia on the Vine
Alice Feiring on Georgia

California winery hires earthworms to clean up its wastewater
Pretty cool technology being put into place by Fetzer

When world’s largest wine ship nearly sunk outside the Golden Gate
Neither rain, nor sleet, nor rogue waves…

A digital grapevine: Mobile apps boom at the intersection of tech and wine
Brandee Sanders talks Delectable and Banquet

Irreversible decisions: Yeast, wine, coffee, chocolate, and control
Erika Symanski on how we’ve evolved yeast

Perfection a moving target for wines
Gil Rulers talks about the 100 pointers.

I-Team Investigates Controversy over Weed Killer and California Wine
A rational and methodical look at the Glyphosate hysteria.

Eataly Fined by Italian Authorities Over Wine Label Fraud
Seems like the bureaucrats were a little overzealous.

We Spoke to the Winemaker Ridiculing Hipsters with His Wine
Grant Burge gets hip.

Earliest memory of wine? – When Jane met Ray
Jane Anson and Ray Isle sit down and reminisce.

The only thing you need to know about wine, according to Marina Cvetic
Heather Barnett profiles winemaker Marina Cvetic

Why One Seismic Event in the Wine World Still Matters 40 Years Later
Elin McCoy on the Judgment of Paris

12 reasons why wine is a tempting (but bad) investment
Read and remember.

Fewer Grapes for South African Wine as El Nino Damages Harvest
California isn’t the only region in drought.

Women In Wine: The Grand Dames Of Champagne
Katie Bell on the bubbly ladies.

Thomas Jefferson–Lover of Wines, Keeper of Records
Lettie Teague on a new digital publication

Peasant Grapes Stake a Claim in Barolo Land
Megan Krigbaum on poor Pelaverga.