I’ll Drink to That: Winemaker Dan Petroski of Massican

Episode 361 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently. It features Dan Petroski, who is the winemaker for Larkmead in addition to having his own wine and vermouth label, Massican.

Dan Petroski is well known in the wine community today, but originally he began in the publishing industry, working for some high-profile magazines in New York City. 9/11 changed Dan’s outlook on what was important to him, and he made a life choice to leave the office environment and he to Sicily. While there, Dan took advantage of travel opportunities to other parts of Italy, and developed a fondness for wine at the table. After he returned to the States he headed to California, and this is where something unexpected happens: after working only one harvest Dan is given day-to-day management of a winery during a period of revitalization. So, what was that like? Dan has some answers to that question, as well as some thoughts about the parcel he sources from today for Larkmead, a vineyard that has long historic ties for Napa. It turns out that this same patch of land was once used by Dr. Harold Olmo as an experimental grape station. Dan explains what is important to him at Larkmead today, and details how he got started with his own label, Massican, in this interview. How does a Brooklyn kid ending up making wine in Napa? For Dan, the answer took him through some unexpected turns, both within and without.

This episode features a Warm-Up from Erin on Prohibition.

Listen to this episode:

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