I’ll Drink to That: Luca Currado on the sale of Vietti

Episode 373 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently and features Luca Currado, addressing the recent events at Vietti. Levi Dalton reached out to Luca for some details about the sale, and it just became clear that as he had the recording gear with him, it made sense to record a full interview. He was ready to have a full conversation.

Luca Currado and other family members with a share of the Vietti winery surprised nearly and in fact possibly everybody with their recent announcement that the Piemonte brand, business, and vineyards had been sold. There had been no hint that Vietti might be on the table, and certainly, the prospect wasn’t mentioned in Luca’s interview back in February, when he appeared on I’ll Drink to That! episode 342. But scattered rumors of a sale soon turned into published reports confirming the transaction. In the wake of this news, many onlookers wondered what might have caused the sale, and what it might mean for the winery and for the larger region. To address some of these questions, Luca Currado has returned to the IDTT podcast for another episode, and it is a long-form analysis of the conditions in the Piemonte that led to the sale. Luca shares his thoughts about where Vietti is headed, what has been happening in the area, and his own plans for the future. There is plenty of straight talk in this episode, and those looking for answers will find them in what Luca has to say.

Listen to this episode:

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