Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 1/22/17

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


Jefford on Monday: In search of a lost wine
Andrew Jefford rhapsodizes over Seyssuel.

U.S. Files Trade Challenge Against Canada Over Wine
Canada is doing to us, what Trump promises to do to the world.

When an Empty Wine Bottle Is Worth $300
Kate Krader on wine fraud.

Corsican Reds, a Case Study in Wine Terroir
Eric Asimov and friends taste some seriously good stuff.

Fine Wine Investment: Petrus and the Fire Rooster
Philip Staveley on China trends.

Inauguration 2017: How Inaugural Luncheon wines were selected
Not by Trump, in case you were wondering.

Is California Syrah Misunderstood?
Yes, says Virginie Boone.

Brotherhood is America’s oldest winery, thriving during Prohibition
Founded in 1839.

Liz’s fizz…but no, you can’t get it at Majestic: Queen joins the English sparkling wine craze – and all 3,000 bottles have been snapped up
Now it’s officially trendy.

A Legendary Wine: Commandaria From Cyprus
Per and Britt Karlsson talk about old school wine.

How To Avoid Buying Fake Wine
Jeannie Cho Lee interviews Maureen Downey

Chinese Wine: The Grape Leap Forward
Jamie Barys chronicles the rise.

Sherry, darling of Andalusia, is more than just a cooking wine
A brief primer

Young Kazakh Entrepreneur Set to Build Wine Culture
I would expect that Spanish wine would be a hard sell in Kazakhstan…

The Ever Expanding World of Wine Takes Your Palate to Unexpected Places
Eric Asimov takes a brief respite from the NYTimes to pen an article for Smithsonian.

Prosecco vs Franciacorta: Fizz Fight
Franciacorta is coming back.

The War of the Rosés Breaks Out in France
Crazy town. Literally.

Why We’ve Fallen for Verticchio, Hook, Line and Sinker; a $9.99 Steal
Dorothy Gaiter on her new favorite white.

Tannat: Not Just Uruguay’s National Grape
Tasty stuff!

Organic Brunello Pioneer Francisco Leanza
Monty Waldin conducts the interview

U.S. wine’s worries for 2017: Who’s picking the grapes, who’s buying
Dave McIntyre covers topics from the SVB Wine Report

Fires threaten vineyards in Chile’s Colchagua Valley
Amanda Barnes reports from Chile.

Wet Feet? What the recent rains mean for North Coast vineyards
Notes on how the vineyards are faring with all the flooding.

The War Next Door Won’t Stop Turkey’s Assyrian Winemakers
Great story.

Nicolas Joly Speaks: Godfather Of Biodynamic Wine
Tom Mullen excerpts a speech.

Anson: March of the Loire
Jane Anson meets some top producers.

Does the same wine taste different on different days?
Blake Gray argues for “yes.”

How great is the 2015 Burgundy vintage?
Tim Atkin says, darn good for reds, maybe not for white.

The appellations of Georgian wine
A brief description.

Life Is Unfair
Matt Kramer on where to find the bargains.

‘Sustainable’ Sonoma wine could fetch $7-a-bottle more, survey says
Everyone loves the green.

Despite crackdowns, China’s fake wine industry will continue to persist in line with demand
Nice article.

Is Korbel the best sparkling wine in America?
Blake may not be sure of the answer, but I am. NO.

Wine’s China syndrome
Robert Joseph on what we can learn from China

Bordeaux: Falling in Love Again? Part 1
Stuart Pigott takes a break from Riesling.

BDX: Falling in Love Again? Part 2 “The Switcher”
The second part of Pigott’s Journey

What IS Minerality, Anyway?: An Evaluation of Consumer Understanding of Minerality Using Analysis of Language
Get geeky with the Academic Wino

Chinese millennials’ online wine buying habits a confusing subject
The ol’ college try.

Finding treasures on the shores of Lake Garda
Laurie loves Lugana.

Is some French wine really from Spain?
Blake asks good questions.

DtC Wine Shipments Reach $2.33 Billion
Keep ordering that wine, people!