Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 2/19/17

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


Sonoma County Pinot Noirs Blur the Boundary Lines
Eric Asimov tastes Sonoma Pinot, from a wide range of producers and places.

Drowning in Krug
Jancis lives a tough life, indeed.

Forget Mom’s Pinot. We’re Witnessing the Birth of a Wild and Wonderful New Oregon Wine.
Mom’s Pinot? Where’d that phrase come from?

In Search of Mataro
Patrick Comiskey profiles Steve Edmunds.

Fine Wine Fakers Targeting Asian Collectors
An obvious target.

On Wine and Gender: A Critical History
A very nice piece of scholarship.

Jeff Morgan: California and Israeli winemaker on why he makes wine in both places
Nice conversation with Jeff.

Nine Best Burgundy Wines Under $100
Elin McCoy offers her picks in an increasingly pricey place.

You Aren’t Wrong About Wine
Don’t sweat it.

Wine exports set record, led by California labels
Big volumes, big story. 

Beyond Musar: The Evolution of Lebanese Wine
Henry Jeffreys pays a visit.

Explore Sonoita, Arizona’s Completely Underrated Wine Region
Up and coming to be sure.

How Gallo Wines Is Maximizing Millennial Influence To Win Big
Jeff Fromm interviews Stephanie Gallo.

Women in Wine
A nice profile of some of the ladies of Oregon.

Unearthing Armenia’s Giant, Ancient Earthenware (Part I)
Armenian wine history.

Can Ancient Techniques Make Modern Wine Better? (Part II)
Yes! Armenian wine!

Anson on Thursday: Bordeaux 2007, Ten Years On
Jane checks in on the vintage.

South African Vintners Angry over Mining Permits in Swartland Wine Region
It’s only sand, for pete’s sake. Get it somewhere else.

Hygge is so 2016. Meet kalsarikannit, the word for drinking at home without pants on
My new favorite word.

Fake Wine Is A Billion Dollar Market And Here Are The Ways To Identify Them
Jeannie Cho Lee takes Maureen Downey’s class.

Which Countries Drink the Most Wine?
The Vatican, actually.

Make 2017 your best wine year ever
Patrick Comiskey on trends for the new year.

7 Facts About Wine’s History So Strange They’ll Make You Feel Tipsy
Oh what we could do with a wine enema…

How Costco’s Wine Guru Picks The 250 Labels That Will Sell $4 Billion A Year In Booze
Annette Alvarez-Peters famously said something like “it’s no different than toilet paper.”

The new generation of wine clubs for the Bay Area
Esther Mobley on the continued quest for millennials.

Wine Press: Quest for Norwegian wine turns into saga (Part 1)
The quest begins.

Wine Press: Quest for Norwegian wine turns into saga (Part 2)
The saga continues.

Breaking: Wine Writer Prefers Cheapest Wine over Greatest
Blake learns he’s a cheap date.

Grocer faces boycott over Trump wines
People get upset at Wegmans.

Calls To Boycott Wegmans Backfire As Stores Sell Out Of Trump Wine
And then there’s the response.

Jefford on Monday: Enigma Variations
Praising Gaillac

Turning Rocks Into Wine
Great article on Washington reds.

Wine expert accused of $320,000 vino heist
Selling it to buy more, apparently.

Sonoma Valley growth sparks debate over area’s future
Supervisors say new regulations should be expected.

Jefford on Monday: The other Chateauneuf
Who’s heard of Châteauneuf de Gadagne

Looking for the Next Big Thing
In Italy, no less.

There’s time travel in a vertical wine tasting
Dave McIntyre on drinking the clock back.

How do you spot a hipster wine?
Sounds like a good first line for a joke.

Anthony Gismondi: Canadian wine is at a tipping point
The momentum is palpable, he says.

One of Trump’s Key National Security Advisors Is a Prolific Wine Blogger
Well, not technically a blogger, but a heck of a poster.

British wine critic Jancis Robinson donates her life’s work to UC Davis
Esther Mobley has a conversation with Jancis Robinson.