Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 4/16/17

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.


ChÂteau Angélus – Part I: Owner Hubert De Boüard De Laforest Speaks
A top producer shares his thoughts.

Colombia’s Wine Scene Has Come a Long Way, Says Top Sommelier
The evolution of a wine culture.

If You Want to Have Better Sex, Just Drink Some Red Wine
Mmmm hmmm.

Three Countries, Three Views, Three Malbecs
Malbec three ways.

How A New York Publisher Became A Successful Winemaker For Two Wildly Different Brands
Lauren Mowrey profiles Dan Petroski

You can thank an 83-year-old Frenchwoman for bringing burgundies to America
Dave McIntyre profiles Martine Saunier

Bordeaux 2016 – the right bank’s waiting game
Jancis goes in deep on the Right Bank.

You Say Nebbiolo; They Say Spanna
Either way, sounds tasty.

14 of the Most Unusual Grape Varieties in Napa Valley
Not your usual Cabernets.

Courtwatch: Mayacamas partners want Charles Banks to step down as director
Dirty laundry hung out to dry.

How one big deal triggered a major scramble in the North Coast wine industry
Gallo takes 600 acres off the table.

Last Supper wine: Researchers piece together clues about popular styles
What Would Jesus Drink, indeed.

Entire Burgundy wine region to be covered by hi-tech ‘hail shield’ to kill storm clouds
Let’s hope it works.

The Dry Side of Furmint
The secret is out.

Bordeaux: a wine region refreshed?
Jancis Robinson reports on a classic vintage.

Experiencing the Weinviertel, Austria’s Wine Quarter
Anne Krebiehl knows of what she speaks.

Sorry Australia, Americans Prefer Pricier New Zealand Wines
Tracy Withers on the dulling of Australia’s star

The Science Behind What Makes Wine Tastes Better on a Plane
Or, generally, why it tastes worse.

A lesson learned while drinking wine in the Arizona desert
A kind of a love story.

Madeira: the niche of the niche
A nice comprehensive look at Madiera

Directions in Napa Winemaking
Kelli White interviews Dan Petroski and Andy Erickson. Good read.

Chilean Wine Is About to Get More Expensive
‘Freak weather’ affects the country’s largest producer.

Jefford on Monday: Wine stories
Where are all the stories, he asks.

Wine Industry Finds a Companion in a Competitor: Marijuana
Eric Asimov profiles a famous winegrower who also grows cannabis.

Push Past Pinot Grigio: Italy’s Unsung Whites
Lettie Teague on Italian Whites.

Myth-busting in the realm of wine additives
Esther Mobley says Mega Purple ain’t worth hating.

Return to the Volcano
Simon Woolf on Etna’s evolution.

Why England’s Sparkling Wines Can Now Rival Champagne
Ray Isle joins the ranks of the converted.

Where have all the wine merchants gone?
Tim Atkin gets nostalgic.

What Burgundy’s d’Angerville is building in Jura: Domaine du Pélican
Really tremendous wines.

A Woman’s Death Sorting Grapes Exposes Italy’s ‘Slavery’
Not just a third world problem.

Sting: ‘I make good wine as revenge’
Very funny story about Sting buying his property in Tuscany.

I’ll never regret the Monday I cracked open a £200 bottle of wine with my chicken liver pasta
Open that bottle!

Thomas Jefferson’s favorite wines
What he would have drunk on his birthday this week.

Getting to Know California’s Best Unsung Wine Regions
Matt Kettman on nooks and crannies.

How to buy wine for value and drink for pleasure
Michael Williams interviews Anthony Lynch