Wine News: What I’m Reading the week of 1/28/18

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Wine Faults and How to Recognize Them
An excellent primer.

Sorry, Paris: London Is Europe’s New Wine Capital
Jon Bonné loves a little cultural coup.

You’re Ordering Wine Wrong
Robert Bohr suggests ways to improve your game.

Life After Being a Sommelier
Stephen Satterfield reflects.

Burgundy’s new breed of wine producers
Jancis on a new crop.

We may be drinking less wine, but it’s better wine
Dave McIntyre on the latest annual stats.

Do Your Genes Predict Your Wine Preference?
Brooke Borel on ongoing matters of debate.

Drinking in Vienna’s Wine Scene
Worth going to.

The risk-takers: The realities of buying a vineyard
You know the saying…

A New Perspective on the Vineyard Labor Shortage Situation: The Case of Cain Vineyard
A look at ongoing options.

What do we mean by fine wine?
Tim Atkin ponders the question.

War over planting rights erupts in Champagne
Expansion isn’t easy.

Putting a Cork in the Oxidation Question
Corks don’t really “breathe.”

Artificial Intelligence Changes the Wine World

The State of Central Coast Syrah
Thoughts from folks who know.

Trade Talk with Levi Dalton
Levi gets interviewed by the Greeks (PDF)

Maps of German Wine Regions
Geeky super cool digital cartography.

Today’s wine dichotomy
Two kinds of wine, says Jancis.

Sommelier Belinda Chang Predicts 2018 Will Bring a Return to Wine Classics
Europe is in, she says.

What’s new: Amador’s wine profile continues to grow
Nathan Hurst profiles gold country wine.

The volcanic wines of the Azores
Worth reading for the vineyard photos alone.

A Comparison of In-Amphorae Winemaking to Barrels/Barriques in Chardonnay Wine
Super wine geek alert – this is about chemistry

48 Hours in London with Laura Rhys
Drinking in London, sommelier style

Getting to Know Mexico’s New Wine Scene
Peter Weltmann dishes on the hottest name in Mexico

Clearing the Air: Smoke Taint and the Aftermath of the California Wildfires
Jessica Zimmer talks impact

Jefford on Monday: Tracking terroir

Gallo Opens Up in Public
Blake Gray covers what sounds like a remarkable speech

Weed is Impacting Wine Sales
Rob McMillan shares his thoughts and some interesting research

Old grapes, new barriers
Simon Woolfe on efforts to grow indigenous varieties in the Languedoc

Bored? Oh, Those French Grapes
Oliver styles argues for variety

How looming wine shortages could shape the market
Robert Joseph isn’t throwing himself off a cliff due to the Prosecco shortage

Can Zinfandel be saved? Conversation with Turley’s Tegan Passalacqua
Great conversation

Premier Cru Victims Stung Again
The very definition of adding insult to injury.