Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 4/1/18

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Brettanomyces: Science & Context
Kelly White digs into the science.

California’s Cabernet Cult Keeps Growing
But when will it be too much?

Black wine is here to turn out the lights on your rosé party
Because the wine PR world needs another gimmick.

Chilean Winemaker Learns Napa Lesson
Somewhat ironic to learn to harvest earlier in Napa.

How California’s Central Coast Winemakers are Making Grenache Their Own
Matt Kettman reports.

Cork strikes back
And not in a good way.

Ideal Ripeness Varies by Opinion, Not by the Moment
Eric Asimov looks through the lens of Sangiovese

The Science of Pét-Nat Wines
The original sparkling

Kenyans Quench New Thirst for Champagne
Fascinating view into a little-known market.

Terroir: when soils trump climate
Jamie Goode argues well.

Coahuila, Mexico: The best wine country you don’t know about
You’re right. I had never heard of it.

Making Varietal Wines in Bordeaux
An interesting project

Are Single-Site Wines Better than Regional Blends?
Which is better, lilacs or wisteria?

Using Storytelling as a Tactic to Sell Wine
We eat, drink, sleep, breathe stories.

How The Wind Is Making The Petaluma Gap California’s Newest Wine Region
Well, technically the TTB did.

Championing Organic Wines in Chicago
A distribution success story.

The Txakoli of the New
Matt Kramer is searching for the Basque word for “screwcap.”

France uncorks university diploma for wine-lovers
In Alsace, no less.

Jancis Robinson on Lebanon’s booming Bekaa Valley wine culture
With the two usual stars.

How André Mack Uses Digital Media to Market His Wines
Well. The answer is, well.

Boom: Volcanic Wines Are Heating Up Around the Globe
Elin McCoy talks magma.

Want to Keep Your Wine Collection Safe? Store It in a Bomb Shelter
And put a big lock on the door.

Change Agent Ann Colgin On What’s Next for Colgin Cellars
The Robb Report doesn’t find out the sale price, either.

Tim James: Amphoras and Qvevri – The Making of Wine in Clay Pots
Tim runs down the South African history.

Coming Home to Mexico’s Wine Region
The better-known wine region south of the border

Txakoli: The Choice Wine For Spring Sipping
Everything’s coming up Basque.

A Top Sommelier Shares Her Love of Wine
One of the young ones.

Mixed Feelings about Cape Viognier
Tim James shares his experiences.

Jefford On Monday: Georgia – the tasting challenge
Andrew tastes through a lot of wines.

What Is Natural Wine…and Why Should You Drink It?
Laura Shunk makes the case.

Where to Paddle Your Way to Wine
Kayak wine tour? Sign me up.

How Organic Wine Finally Caught On
Charting the turnaround.

The Wine Glass That Stands Out by Focusing on What’s Inside
Another expensive contender.

France’s Wine Theme Park Is The Stuff Of Grown-Up Dreams
Theme park may be overstating the case.

Parting with the shadow to pursue the substance
Alfonso Cevola searches himself.

Merry Edwards: One of America’s Wine Pioneers is Ready for More Disruption
Dorothy Gaiter sits down with the Queen of Pinot.

Scratching the Surface of Wine in America
The Wine Economist reports from Unified.

The Golden Age of Burgundy?
Jasper Morris has 40 years of perspective.