Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 9/8/19

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Grape Genes May Explain Differences in Wine Taste
Shocking, I know. But there’s interesting findings here.

Trump proposes 100% tariff that would double the cost of European wine, cheese and olive oil
Just when you thought it was over.

Turning the Tables on Erin James
Another wine writer profiled.

Jancis Robinson: Wine’s Neverending Story
On the 8th edition of the World Atlas of Wine.

Shady Wine Consultant Allegedly Scammed Wealthy Investors out of Millions
If it’s too good to be true….

Al Gore on Climate Change and the Wine Industry
Lauren Mowery reports.

Elin McCoy: Should Japan go beyond Koshu?
Perhaps, but not leave it behind.

Steal This Job: A wine director who sources from around the world
A profile of Maria Bastasch.

Some of California’s Most Famous Wines Came From a Science Experiment
The Sanford and Benedict legend.

On a journey to Israel’s wine country, taking time to let it breathe
A travelogue.

How the Orange-Wine Fad Became an Irresistible Assault on Pleasure
Man doesn’t like orange wine.

New Yorker Declares Orange Wine ‘an Assault on Pleasure’
And the wine geeks are outraged.

For Historic Heitz in Napa, a New Team but Same Old Methods
Eric Asimov looks back and forward.

Anson: Liber Pater wine and the rush for rare grapes in Bordeaux
Jane looks for the truth amidst the PR spin.

How German Wine Found Its Sweet Spot
A deep article by Jason Wilson.

The Wine Train is Napa Valley
Like Pier 49 is San Francisco?

Why a Wine’s Alcohol-by-Volume is Lying to You
Because the government says it’s ok.

Raising a glass to grapes’ surprising genetic diversity
The spice of life.

Exploring Napa’s Next-Wave Winemakers
Some new names to watch for.

Racketeering lawsuit heats up wine vs. weed war in Oregon
Gloves are off.

Dope Operation Sparks Winery Lawsuit
More details.

‘Harvest Season’ documentary a ‘love letter’ to Latinos in wine industry
On the need-to-watch list.

Why Winemakers Should be Fighting Against Herbicide Drift
A serious problem for some.

Twenty-One States In Violation of Constitution After Tennessee Wine Supreme Court Case
But what will happen?

Wine Vault Opens the Fight on Fakes
An intriguing solution.

Understanding the Evolution of Cannabis Wine
Jonathan Cristaldi gives the complete rundown.

Rob Davis Reflects on 40 Years at Jordan Vineyards
Tom Hyland interviews.

Swiss wine overview: the triumph of the house palate
House palate, or does Blake just not like Chasselas?

Phylloxera Strikes Walla Walla Vineyards
Unfortunately inexorable.

The High-Altitude Vineyards of Greece
Getting high in Greece.

While other wineries sell, Martinelli makes the hard choice to keep a vineyard in the family
Esther Mobley on legacy.