I’ll Drink to That: Burgundy Winemaker Tomoko Kuriyama

Episode 473 of I’ll Drink to That! was released recently, and it features Tomoko Kuriyama, who with her husband Guillaume Bott runs Chanterêves in Burgundy. Chanterêves is a micro-négociant sourcing grapes in Burgundy, while also making the occasional Syrah or Riesling from grapes grown in other regions as well.

Tomoko Kuriyama worked in German wineries for over a decade, before a harvest in Burgundy eventually led to a permanent move and a new adventure in Savigny-lès-Beaune. In 2010, she started the Chanterêves winery in Burgundy with her husband Guillaume Bott. Guillaume, who also works at Domaine Simon Bize in Burgundy, was able to provide insights gleaned from his experience working in Burgundy as well as local grower contacts. A collaboration was born. But what would the approach to the wines be? Arriving in Germany and then Burgundy with an outsider’s eye for the details that make a place unique, Tomoko has been able to compare and contrast the techniques, ideas, and conditions that she has found in each place. A willingness to share these observations results is an especially insightful listen, as Tomoko is able to highlight the decisive factors and situation for each region. The specifics of harvest, fermentation, and élevage are described by way of analogy, which helps place the important topics in context. Tomoko explains what is important where, and why. If you are interested in what specifically are the challenges and rewards of winemaking in these classic areas, give this interview a listen.

Listen to this episode:

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