I’ll Drink to That: Sylvain Pataille and the New Old Style

A new episode of I’ll Drink to That! has just been released. Episode 489 features a conversation with Sylvain Pataille, the owner and winemaker at Domaine Sylvain Pataille in the Burgundy area of Marsannay, in France. This episode also features shorter appearances from Bruno Clair (of the Bruno Clair winery in Marsannay), John Kongsgaard (of Kongsgaard Wine in Napa Valley), and Becky Wasserman (whose birthday it would have been today).

Sylvain Pataille is a grown-up wunderkind, a prodigious personality who now has the benefit of several years of experience in the vine rows and barrel cellars. His natural excitement is now leavened with his learned insights. And he is very ready to share what he knows. This hour-and-a-half episode runs through all kinds of winemaking topics, including reduction, infusion, stem inclusion, crushing, bâtonnage, and lees. To listen to this extensive run down (maybe twice or three times) is to feel that you now have the knowledge to ask some better questions. You will have a foothold in the cellar. Will you be as excited as Sylvain to try every experiment, to explore every avenue, and to ponder the results for years? Maybe so.

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Photo of Sylvain Pataille © Michel Joly.

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