Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 11/10/19

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Diversity Is The Attraction Of Emilia-Romagna Wines
So says Tom Mullen.

This Sparkling Wine Survived Nationalization And Privatization To Become Germany’s Favorite
An interesting story.

A top somm is accused of sexual assault. Is the wine industry overdue for a reckoning?
Yes, indeed.

Scandinavian Wine? A Warming Climate Tempts Entrepreneurs
Yes indeed.

Saving Your Wine Cellar from the Plebs
Oliver Styles doesn’t want wine in space.

The wine world keeps changing. This essential reference book shows how.
Dave McIntyre reviews the next Atlas.

Europe’s Elite Wineries Try to Make Chinese Drink Their Own Wine
They love wine, as long as it isn’t Chinese.

Climate Apocalypse Or Economic Meltdown, Wine Will Survive
It always does.

’50-Foot Flames Were Coming at Us’: How Sonoma Wineries Mobilized to Fend Off California’s Kincade Fire
Rising to the occasion.

Despite fires, CA wine is doing just fine
We need more articles like this one.

Catastrophic Fire Danger Forecast for Hunter Valley
Scary. Stay safe, friends.

Pinot Blanc – no poor relation
A worthy grape.

Oregon Wine’s Civil Civil War
Blake reports on the OWA vs OWC brawl.

Champagne-Style Sparklers, Made in America
Hey Eric, the CIVC wants to have a word with you about your headline.

Two Weeks in Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, and Japan
Elaine does her usual Instagram wrap-up.

Laura Catena on Science, Culture and How Argentine Malbec Fits in with the World’s Greatest Wines
Lisa Denning interviews.

Of Folding Chairs and Building Your Own: Blacks Gain Seats at the Wine Table
Dottie and John talk race and wine.

Wine Pioneer Michael Benedict on Discerning the Sta. Rita Hills as a Home for World Class Pinot Noir
Christopher Barnes interviews.

Through a Glass Darkly: Confronting the Nazi Legacy of Dr. Zweigelt and the Impact on Growers of Austrias Most Popular Red Wine Grape
But we can’t hold that against the grape.

Is wine premiumisation a doom loop?
More expensive makes people drink less.

The Future of Wine on “The Rocks”
Mr. Veseth goes to Washington.

In Praise of Blended Wine
Single vineyard doesn’t mean better.

So Everything’s a Natural Wine Bar Now?
Jumping the shark.

What’s hot in Lodi: unusual grape varieties
The Chronicle offers its recommendations.

Many North Coast wine grapes had been picked before Kincade Fire

Sexual Assault and the Wine Industry
It’s a problem we need to talk about.

DRC Man’s Aligoté. Adventure
Local man likes Aligoté.

Grignolino – Piedmont’s Alluring Red Wine
Tom Hyland reports.

Finding the Perfect Time to Open Aged Wine
How about….now!

Why Sherry Is Spain’s Hippest Sipper
Tasty AND trendy.

Star Sommelier Resigns After Accusations of Sexual Assault

If You’re Not Drinking Champagne with French Fries, You’re Doing It Wrong
Always a fun pairing.

How Labor Challenges Affected the 2019 Grape Harvest
A “significant decline” in migrant workers.

36 Hours in Barolo, Italy
A quick guide.

Cloudburst bursts price ceiling
Overpriced Australian premium.

Malbecs From Argentina Fight the Stereotypes
Eric Asimov says aim higher — both altitude and price.

Let’s hear it for Sherry
Tim Atkin says it’s one of the world’s greatest wines.

The sham of authentic winemaking
Words, words, words.

To Make the Wine Industry Less Toxic, We Need to Get Loud
Louder, please.

Selling wine in China outside the top-tier cities
Robert Joseph reports.