Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 3/15/20

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

How The Cornonavirus Imperils The Wine Business
There will be a lot of stories like this one, this week.

‘Writing a New Business Plan in a Day’: Bars and Restaurants Reckon with Coronavirus Pandemic
Adapt or die.

Anthony Gismondi: Slow thoughts on wine in a fast-changing world
Time to contemplate mortality over a nice glass of wine.

Grape Stomping is a Photogenic Process with Practical Benefits
But not pleasant on the feet.

Understanding the Burgeoning World of Japanese Wine
Lots of diamonds but lots of rough.

Coronavirus Again Exposes Fragility of Hospitality Driven Wine Business
The industry needs to move beyond feet through the door.

California wineries reel after closing tasting rooms due to coronavirus

Impact of County Shelter-in-Place Orders on Wineries
More Pain. Lots of it.

Concern Over California Wine Closedown
Rightfully so.

Napa Valley Vintners Board Supports Governor’s Recommendation to Close Wineries Visitor Facing Operations
Tough call, but the right one.

Wine Becomes an Essential Service
Nice try, Wine Institute.

New wine grape varieties from old genetics
Mining the past.

UK’s Coronavirus Policy Will ‘Devastate’ On-Trade
Everywhere, not just the UK

More Wineries Close Tasting Rooms
All of them should.

Wine Is for Sharing. What Does That Mean in Self-Quarantine?
Drinking alone is not a problem.

Wine, Recession, and Coronavirus: This Time is Different?
The Wine Economist speaks.

Bracing for coronavirus fallout: Sonoma County businesses anticipate deep impact
Holding my breath.

Retailers See Heavy Demand As Consumers Stock Up, But Worrisome Signs Abound
Peak before the storm.

Why wine should be part of your corona virus strategy – seriously.
Not sure the science is sound, but the headline is true.

The Tiny But Fascinating Realm of Irish Wine
Not green. But it IS magically delicious.

Chris Howell Reflects on 30 Years of Napa Winemaking Through the Lens of Cain Five
One of Napa’s most thoughtful.

The Many Different Chiles of Chile
Some of the most cutting edge producers.

A Finicky French Grape is Now an Unlikely Star in Portugal
Alicante Bouschet resurgent.

Some older reds and the question of ageability
Tim James returns to an old South African debate.

The Winemaker Who Makes No Wine: Tim Kirk Of Clonakilla, And The Unexpected Impacts Of Bush Fires In Australia
Cathy Huyghe interviews.

The Bold Brewers Fighting for Saké’s Future
Facing a decline in drinking.

Italy’s Vineyards in Lockdown Limbo
Not just the vineyards.

When Thin and Bitter Are Welcome Wine Words
Eric Asimov is serious. But not about wine.

Stuck inside? Let’s talk about wine
Esther is always good for wine.

The US. Wine Trade in China in the Wake of Coronavirus
Jim Boyce reports from the front lines.

Amid declining travel, Napa’s wine industry braces for coronavirus impact
It’s gonna be bad, folks.

U.S. Wine Industry Faces An Uncertain Immediate Future
Unless you’re a delivery app.

NZ Wine Company Fined $1.7M for Wine Fraud
Bad blends.

Selling Wine in a Pandemic
Rob McMillan on his thoughts for measures to take.

The Wine Tariffs Were Always Bad. Now They’re Especially Cruel
Harry Root explains.

Ten Years In The Life Of Italy’s Slow Wine Guide
Still going.

Coronavirus is here – cancel everything and check your wine stocks
Tim James wants to make sure you have enough wine.

Those Long Lines? People Stocking the Liquor Cabinet, Not the Pantry
Following Tim’s advice, apparently.

Pandemic a Double-Edged Sword for Wine
More time with family will mean a greater need for booze.

Maison Louis Roederer to purchase Napa Valley’s Diamond Creek Vineyards
A strategic buy that bodes well for the estate.

In this wine-making town in Spain, the disinformation was almost as bad as the coronavirus itself
Everyone needs to just keep calm and drink Rioja.

How Coronavirus Is Affecting The Wine Market
Liza Zimmerman talks with Rob McMillan.

The Argentine wine revolution
Jancis is impressed.

Cullen Go Beyond Carbon Neutral
More than Biodynamic now.

Native American Winemaker Tara Gomez Is Making History
Awesome story, awesome winemaker, awesome wines.

Domaine Drouhin Oregon – a New World pioneer
Adam Lechmere recounts a storied history.

Interview: Maximilian Riedel
Kate Hawkings interviews the prodigal son.

Global Wine Experts Describe Impact of Turbulence Ahead
It’s gonna get nuts.

In the Era of Climate Change, is Old and New World Wine Obsolete?
Only if ripeness is what defined old world.

How much do you need to know about a wine?
Just how it tastes.