Wine News: What I’m Reading the Week of 5/17/20

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the wine stories that I find of interest on the web. I post them to my magazine on Flipboard, but for those of you who aren’t Flipboard inclined, here’s everything I’ve strained out of the wine-related muck for the week.

Dewey’s Wines, a new San Francisco label, embraces wines that are ‘a little askew’
Askew for you ain’t necessarily askew for me.

Businessman Mark Dixon’s British Bubbly Bet
The dapper tractor.

Major Wholesalers’ Take On The Current Wine Sales Picture
Liza Zimmerman talks with Dale Stratton.

Millennials are Interested in Wine. Is Napa Interested in Them?
Only if they can afford it.

For Farmers of Wine Grapes, the Pandemic Sows Doubts
Eric talks to those still walking their rows.

The Oldest California Wine Region Grabs Onto New Opportunities
Temecula evolves.

Noma, one of the world’s best restaurants, reopens next week — as a burger and wine bar
I hope they’re selling t-shirts: “I went to Noma and all I got was this damn burger.”

A Guide to the Burgeoning World of Idaho Wine
Up-and-coming but on the way for sure.

Early Scottish Settlers Drank Mediterranean Wine, Archeologists Find
Not Scottish, but not crap.

Fine-Wine Drinkers Meet and Raise Money for Somms
Good virtual cheer for a good cause.

The First Wineries Re-Opened This Weekend, but Restrictions Still Present a Challenge
As counties decide it’s ok.

The Evolution of Premium Canned Wine
Still haven’t had one that wowed me.

Concern in Champagne as Sales Collapse
Not much to celebrate these days.

Making the World’s First Wine: Who Taught Whom?
The hot scholarly topic these days.

DB Reader: Carbon Footprints in Wine – A Merchant’s Perspective
Retailer Independent Wine makes a decision.

Another Blow for Burgundy Winemakers
Sold off for hand sanitizer.

Will the coronavirus make luxury Napa Valley wine less relevant?
Esther asks good questions.

1945 remembered in bottles
An excerpt from Jancis’ memoir.

Lockdown wines – reds
Jancis drinks red in self-isolation.

Wine in the time of Covid-19
Tim Atkin on things other than wine.

Director of Ciatti Reveals Affect of COVID-19 On Bulk Wine
Less than you’d expect.

Wineries plan to reopen but with slim outlook for visitors
News from New Zealand.

Some Virginia Wineries Are Reopening This Weekend
But know, before you go.

Ticking the right boxes
A nice piece by Margaret Rand

The impact of the pandemic on German wine producers
Like everywhere else.

Italian Wineries Anxiously Await a Return to Normalcy
Seems odd that bars can reopen before wineries.

Why bother making wine in Vietnam (or indeed anywhere)?
Richard Hemming on the tropics.

Understanding Wind, an Underappreciated Part of Wine
A fascinating subject, but this article only begins the conversation.

The Wine Intelligentsia: Almost Always Wrong
Blake Gray reminding everyone of what’s outside the bubble.

Steven Spurrier: What I’m drinking in lockdown
He wants to make a dent in his cellar.